There is a time and place for sweets:

Eat sugary treats with meals as there is more saliva production to counteract the damage that sugar causes to your teeth. Make them a treat and don’t allow your children to snack on sweets or have them daily!

Mike’s first week – a fantastic week!

We have had a fantastic first week with Mike Jones, SPECIALIST ENDODONTIST. Mike is one of 3% of dentists that have achieved this title. We truly believe he one of the VERY best in his field. He accepts referrals from over 150 dentists and this proves his talent! Thank you Mike

Welcome Rachel

Welcome Rachel! Rachel has been a total dream in her first week. We have loved welcoming Rachel to our team and her experience as an endodontic nurse has been extremely valuable to Mike. We look forward to many more fantastic weeks, months and years!


Sharrow Vale Dental Care welcomes new patients and has a very friendly and caring team.
If you ever just want to have a chat please feel free to give us a call and we can explain the services we offer.

CBCT and OPG scanning

We accept CBCT and OPG referrals from many practices now.
Send your scans our way… we make it easy and fuss free!

Specialist Endodontics

We are delighted to announce we are expanding our specialist services at Sharrow Vale Dental Care.

Mike starts in June and is an incredible SPECIALIST ENDODONTIST. He uses a microscope to assist with the treatment of the most complex of root canal treatments. Take a minute to read his bio and you will understand how fortunate we are!