Open as usual…

Sharrow Vale Dental Care is open as usual over the Festive Period and will only be closed on the Bank holidays.

Feel free to take some toothpaste from our wonderful tree…

With warm festive wishes,

Sharrow Vale Dental Care

LDC Officials’ day

Galer attended the LDC Officials’ day in London last week. It was a very interesting meeting and it will be good to feedback the information learned to local dentists at the next meeting.

Christmas cleaning…

Enjoy the festive run up to Christmas and remember to clean your teeth, twice a day for two minutes, over the festive period.

Sip all day = get decay

Water and milk are the only safe drinks.

Please try to limit or if possible avoid carbonated drinks, flavoured waters, alcohol, smoothies, juices, fruit teas and squash as these are closely linked with erosion due to their high acidity.

When you drink an acidic drink the mouth remains acidic for at least 40 minutes and during this period the teeth are effectively dissolved and are more prone to decay.

Fruit teas are not good for your teeth….

Fruit teas are often enjoyed as an alternative to tea and coffee. However, they are very acidic and are a major contributor to dental erosion and will greatly increase the risk of tooth wear (especially if you grind your teeth).

Please stick to still water … and maybe try it warmed up (obviously without lemon or any other additions!)

Thumb sucking

A fabulous poem, for thumb suckers, given to Sharrow Vale Dental Care by a young patient:

‘Sucking your thumb is a very bad habit… carry on and you’ll look like a rabbit’