With the advance in dentistry in recent years implants have become the treatment of choice for patients missing one, a few or all of their teeth. Dental Implants look and perform like natural teeth and eliminate the need for plastic in the roof of the mouth when wearing a denture. More importantly having a implant doesn’t impact upon any healthy adjacent teeth.

A single tooth implant is composed of three parts; a small titanium screw that fuses to the jaw; the abutment, which forms post protruding above the gum; and the tooth shaped porcelain crown to provide the final natural appearance.

Galer Farrer has worked extensively at Charles Clifford Dental Hospital and the Community Dental Service overseeing the provision of implants and she has completed the renowned One to One Implant Couse in Sheffield. Galer has provided Implants at both Sharrow Vale and a specialist clinic in Derbyshire for three years now.

Implant testimonial.