Dental Hygienists are uniquely qualified to assist in the prevention and treatment of oral disease. A good daily routine will ensure your teeth and gums are rid of the daily build up of plaque and calculus.  Regular hygienist appointments are for cleaning and removing plaque and calculus in those hard to reach places to prevent cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease.

What does a hygienist appointment involve?

  • Dental hygiene examination to look for signs and symptoms of gum disease: bleeding gums, plaque, calculus, gum recession, loose teeth, sensitive teeth, gum swelling, bad breath, tooth movements and tooth loss
  • Scaling (ultrasonic and/or hand scaling) and polishing to remove plaque and calculus
  • Deep clean tailored for treating periodontal gum disease
  • Smokers stain removal
  • Air polishing – if requested to help achieve a brighter smile
  • Oral health education to help develop a good home care plan
  • Give specific advice on: oral disease, gum disease, nutrition, fluoride use, tooth whitening and smoking cessation, dietary and nutrition advice
  • Assistance with bad breath
  • Support patients who have had implant treatment and require maintenance visits to ensure that their gums and bone remain healthy around the restorations.

A gold-standard daily oral hygiene routine

  1. Clean your teeth morning and night, concentrating on all areas of your teeth and gums.
  2. Spend 2 minutes on a manual clean with a fluoride toothpaste (1450ppm fluoride). Spit the toothpaste out and do not rinse with water.
  3. Use an electric toothbrush for maximum cleaning effect.
  4. Daily interdental cleaning, before using a toothbrush, helps to remove plaque and calculus from in-between your teeth.
  5. Use a tongue scraper to remove debris from the tongue.
  6. Book regular hygiene appointments with our experienced hygienist to remove plaque and calculus from those hard to reach areas.

Direct Access Hygienist appointments are available to patients who want a stain-lifting clean in-between check-ups, or a clean in advance of a special event or even if you’ve noticed your gums are sore or bleeding. If the hygienist identifies a need for further dental treatment they will refer you to your family dentist at Sharrow Vale Dental Care.

To find out more about hygiene treatments, or to book an appointment at Sharrow Vale Dental Care, call 0114 2686076, email or send us a message using our online contact form.