I have visited Sharrow Vale Dental Care for a few years and Galer has always been my dentist. For some time I’d said how I wasn’t happy with my top front teeth and how they had moved over my bottom lip casting a slight shadow over my bottom lip when I smiled. They were slightly twisted and had gradually been moving since I was in my teens. I also mentioned how I was very conscious of them and didn’t like how my smile looked anymore.

Galer suggested the Inman aligner and presented me with all the information available on this treatment option with pictures of examples of other people’s teeth as a result of the Inman aligner. She made clear to me what it entailed and how I would need to wear it all day and only to take it out to eat and drink and as it was intensive it could be quite painful.

Galer was patient with me and gave me some time to go away and think about it and it sounded perfect so I decided to go ahead with it.

Once I’d decided it was started quite quickly having all the pictures and impressions etc. done. Galer was able to also provide me with an impression of the final result, which looked fantastic. She fitted the brace and it was very uncomfortable but she was very supportive and guaranteed it would all be worth it and the finished result would be exactly what I was expecting.

I had regular check ups and alterations to the brace and my teeth. Galer and her excellent nurses were very encouraging and supportive giving me any advice I needed. 
I did have some pain throughout the treatment but I knew it would be like this as Galer had already explained this to me.

The end result was fantastic, even better than I thought it would be and I have had so many compliments about my teeth from friends and family. I’m so pleased with my teeth. I no longer have a shadow over my bottom lip on photographs and they are no longer twisted at the front, they are now completely straight.

It has given me confidence to smile freely! 
I also had a whitening treatment, which was excellent, and my teeth have kept their whiteness. 
 I couldn’t recommend the Inman aligner and Galer enough. She is so caring and enthusiastic and was throughout the whole treatment. It has all been worth it!