My dentist referred me to Galer Farrer in February 2015 for a dental implant. I would be happy to recommend her as she had a very comprehensive and caring approach to my treatment.
I was, initially, uncertain about having an implant. Galer spent a considerable amount of time explaining all possible options and their advantages and disadvantages before I decided to go ahead. I particularly liked the fact that as part of the treatment planning I was given a full assessment of my dental needs including a comprehensive x-ray to ensure it was appropriate to proceed and from this an individual treatment plan was devised.
As it is quite a lengthy and complex process it was helpful to be given a written Full Case Assessment plan including a timeline chart outlining the purpose of each visit. The initial surgery to place the implant wasn’t as painful as I’d feared and subsequent visits were short. I am very pleased with the final porcelain tooth and it is an excellent colour match.
Galer was available throughout the process to offer advice, encouragement and address any concerns. In my opinion she has a gentle, calm and caring approach to dentistry.