I had never liked the look of my crooked upper teeth but just learned to live with it. I was never told I needed braces as a child and didn’t particularly want braces as an adult. I considered veneers but it was costly and felt like I was covering up the issue. Whereas the Inman is half the cost and actually corrects the teeth.

At first I was very self-conscious as the Inman felt very bulky in my mouth and it did affect my speech a little, but after seeing movement after just one week, I knew I had made the right choice.

Sharrow Vale Dental Care staff were very supportive and positive and kept me focussed on the end result.

I loved going to my fortnightly appointments so Galer and the team could see my progress.

I wore the aligner for 14 weeks altogether and it was worth it. I love the look of my teeth now and feel so much more confident