I had always regretted not wearing my retainer after having a fixed brace for a year as a teenager. As I got older my two front teeth started to cross over and although it had always bothered me, I didn’t feel like I wanted to put myself through more years of heavy orthodontic treatment.

When I saw the rapid and amazing results with an Inman Aligner I decided to finally go for it and have straight teeth for my wedding.

At first the Inman Aligner was uncomfortable to wear but it only took about two weeks for me to get used to it and then wearing it became completely normal for me. I had regular adjustments and within weeks I saw a difference. I was amazed that I had straight teeth so rapidly and was able to stop wearing it after only 12 weeks.

I’m trilled with the results and would recommend the Inman Aligner to anyone. I’ve even almost convinced my husband to have one!