Dermal filler testimonial 2

The lines from my nose to my mouth were really prominent so I had fillers to reduce the lines. I am delighted with the natural look as it makes me look so much younger.

Dermal filler testimonial 1

I had my upper lip rejuvenated, using dermal fillers, as my lipstick kept bleeding into the wrinkles around my lips. The result is fantastic and my lips feel so smooth.

Invisalign Testimonial 2

I decided to look into Invisalign after a family member stumbled across an advert for it online. I booked in and had moulds taken. These were sent to the laboratory and I was then called back in to be shown the potential after images. They looked good so I agreed to go ahead with the treatment.

Air Polish Testimonial

I was absolutely delighted with the results and book in for this treatment every time I come – as it helps remove the stain from dietary products I like.

Denture Testimonial

I have been using the denture now for four months and certainly feel like I made the right choice. It fits exceptionally well, does not move about and enables me to chew and bite with confidence. I find it easy to remove and fit for cleaning.

Whitening testimonial

I wish I’d done it a long time ago and certainly I feel you are never too old to whiten your teeth. Thank you to the wonderful team at Sharrow Vale Dental Care.