Sharrow Vale Dental Care’s top tips for cleaning toddlers teeth…

1. Choose a nice brush!

· We LOVE colourful Curaprox

· Or flashing brushes add an element of fun and help keep attention

2. Have 3 brushes on the go at a time!

One in each of your child’s hand and one for you.

3. Clean at a similar time each day with a tight, non-wiggly cuddle.

4. A tiny smear of paste containing 1450ppm fluoride

5. Sing whilst cleaning to the tune of frère Jacques:

Clean your teeth (x2)

Twice a day (x2)

Round and round in circles (x2)

Now they’re clean (x2)

or the Hey Duggee toothbrush song

6. Check ups with a dentist from 6 months, every 6 months