I hope everyone is keeping safe.
Don’t forget if you have any dental related issues please ring the practice for advice. We are available 7 days a week, between 8.30am and 8.30pm. We will make a decision, based on your symptoms, whether we need to refer you for treatment at a local Hub.

We are working hard to set up our return (which will hopefully not be in the too distant future!) and re-opening of the practice.

Since the doors have been closed we have completely repainted the practice and it has doubled in size. I must say it is looking fantastic!

It is likely there will still be restrictions on what treatment we will be allowed to provide in the short term due to the still unknown risks of Covid-19 in dentistry. However, we will try to minimise the impact on you.

Those on Practice Plan – we will make sure you receive the level of service that you expect from your continued membership. We aim to get those who have had appointments cancelled ‘back on track’ as a first priorty.

Hygiene appointments may be one of the treatments that are slightly limited when we return, but rest assured we will be doing our utmost to make sure the impact of this unusual time is minimised as much as possible.

Once again, thank you for your continued support during our enforced closure. I’m reassured that the practice has a wonderful group of patients that makes it a pleasure to care for, and I know I speak for the team when I say we are missing looking after you all.

Please stay safe.

Galer Farrer