To all our loyal and wonderful patients,

You may be aware I had to take the decision to close the practice for routine treatment yesterday. This is because of the guidance and recommendations we as a profession have had from the Government, and the British Dental Association.

This was a very difficult decision as our practice has provided uninterrupted care for 30 years to all our patients.
But after a long weekend, many team discussions, a decision had to be made to help protect and care for as many people as possible.

By limiting the exposure to this virus we will help those who are on the front line in the National Health Service to cope with this unprecedented crisis of our generation.

The practice will continue to provide help, advice, and any emergency treatment that is deemed allowed by the recommendations. At this point we are only able to offer a limited emergency service to our membership and registered patients.

Without the access to this service provided under your membership plan, we are concerned that there appears to be little emergency provision for dental problems and are concerned that without having at least some form of emergency dental advice and treatment service, the already overloaded NHS 111 service will not be able to deal with any dental emergencies at all in this challenging time.

We have to do our bit to make sure that any dental problems can therefore be controlled as much as possible within what we are now allowed to, so that they do not become more significant at a time the other emergency services do not need the extra pressure.

Rest assured we are looking at all the options we possibly can to ensure that our patients continue to get the benefits of their membership during this time and in the future, even if this means we end up working extra hours and days once this terrible virus has been beaten.
So, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting your faith in our practice and hope that you are able to continue to do so. My amazing team have given so much help to put things into place, and you can rest assured that once this is all over we will be there to resume our normal service.

Please Stay safe.

Please Stay at Home.

Galer and the wonderful team at Sharrow Vale Dental Care xxx

The practice mobile is 07515 562539

I’m going to be doing some regular updates by all the channels we have, email, and social media over the next few weeks. Please keep looking at our facebook page, Instagram, and our website for updates.