Conscious sedation is an integral part of controlling pain and anxiety in the dental setting and has an excellent safety record. For some, it’s the sights, sounds and smells of the dental practice. For many it’s a long standing and profound fear of dental treatment.

Many patients are phobic of straight-forward dental procedures and so do not attend a dentist until they are in pain. Others who are undergoing long or unpleasant procedures (e.g. surgical extractions or implants) may also benefit. Conscious sedation not only makes dental treatment more acceptable, but may reduce the possibility of subsequent dental phobia.

Conscious sedation ‘detaches’ patients from their fears whilst leaving them able to communicate with the dental team. At Sharrow Vale Dental Care we use Midazolam and Matthew has undergone extensive training to allow him to deliver safe and effective conscious sedation for a wide range of patients.

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