Summer whitening offer

Enjoy a wonderful white smile and grab a huge saving this summer.
Only £250 if you book before the end of July 2019.
Please call to book an appointment.

Passed our CQC

Sharrow Vale Dental Team is delighted to have passed a CQC inspection. We received a glowing report and this will be released soon. Thank you to all the patients who took times to review our services. We hope to continue to provide excellent service.

Galer celebrated with making a pyrography ‘leopard’ cheese board…

CQC inspection

We have a CQC inspection at Sharrow Vale Dental Care on the 20th May 2019.

They would love to hear patient feedback so please share your views at

Step 1: Select Dentists
Step 2: Postcode: S11 8ZH
Step 3: Name: Sharrow Vale Dental Care
Step 4: Choose Sharrow Vale Dental Care (it should be at the top)
Step 5: Please complete the fields about our service and then press Continue.

Nobel Biocare

Thinking about dental implants.
Please feel free to book in for a chat about your options with Galer and the team.

Flavoured water and fizzy water… a NO NO

Drinking flavoured water and sparkling water makes your teeth more susceptible to decay.

The bubbles and the flavouring make the drinks more acidic, which erode your tooth enamel. Erosion makes your teeth more sensitive to temperature and more susceptible to decay.