Best of luck to Galer who is lecturing over 60 Sheffield Dental Students this week about being a Dentist in General Practice.

Galer and Matt are members of the Local Dental Committee and they meet once a month to discuss hot topics affecting dentistry.

The lecture is titled GDPizza – as pizza will be provided at the end of the lecture.

Happy New Year

Wishing our wonderful patients, and their families, a very Happy New Year. Sharrow Vale Dental Care

Open wide…

Practice ‘opening wide’ with your children at home. It helps with confidence in the dental chair.

Air polishing

Air polishing uses a mixture of compressed air, water and fine powder to remove unsightly staining and harmful plaque from the teeth. Air polishing can also be used to gently clean underneath the gum line and around orthodontic wires/brackets, implants, crowns, bridges and conventional fillings.

Open as usual…

Sharrow Vale Dental Care is open as usual over the Festive Period and will only be closed on the Bank holidays.

Feel free to take some toothpaste from our wonderful tree…

With warm festive wishes,

Sharrow Vale Dental Care